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About Dan

For generations, great architecture has been conceived and built by people with the creative spirit and determination to produce enduring living spaces of timeless beauty.  That spirit exists further in Tri City Constructions owner, general contractor and driving force, Dan Stewart.

Tri City Construction understands the need to carry on the important tradition of building beautiful homes that will stand the test of time. . .  Homes that will reflect and fulfill our client’s dreams.  Each custom designed and built home must begin at a very personal level. Dan Stewart begins each project developing a relationship of trust with the homeowner. . . a relationship that will carry on through project completion.

Once we share in our client’s dream, the process of design and construction can begin.   What makes us a leader in custom home construction is our keen ability to carefully orchestrate the team of architects, engineers, and subcontractors needed for each project infused with the team’s vitality, the new construction proceeds smoothly, from lot locating and preliminary cost estimates to architect and subcontractor selection, from construction time scheduling to delivery of the finished project.  At Tri City Construction, our goal is to deliver every dream home to the complete satisfaction of the homeowner and Dan Stewart alike.

Dan Stewart has developed his signature in custom home building from a love of architecture and interior design and an aesthetic and innovative approach to every new construction challenge.  His innovative approach includes personal supervision of each custom home project review of daily construction progress.  Personal features that are designed to give the new homeowner piece of mind during the delicate transition into one of life’s biggest personal investments.

Dan Stewart, President Tri-City Construction

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